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Pocklington Green Spaces

The aim of our group is to conserve and improve the natural history and biodiversity of Pocklington and the surrounding area, whilst having fun and getting a bit of exercise.

The group is free to join and you don't have to volunteer with us to show your support. You can just be kept informed about what we do.

If you do fancy blowing off the cobwebs, then everyone is welcome to come along to our volunteer sessions, which are different each week.

Find out more on our volunteering page.
Go to Who?


Anyone can come along and help us. You can come as often or as little as you like and for as long as you like. We are a friendly bunch and will welcome you along. Any children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Go to What?


We undertake various tasks including gardening, mulching, coppicing, boardwalk restoration, Himalayan Balsam bashing, planting trees and bulbs, creating wildlife habitats, raking leaves, pruning and more!

Go to Where?


We work on various sites around including West Green, Pocklington Canal, Burnby Hall Gardens, Kilnwick Percy (the Buddhist Centre), Primrose Wood and more.

Go to When?


We meet most Friday mornings between 10am and noon.
Sometimes the tasks are moved to different days or times so join the email list to keep in the loop!

Why Volunteer with us?

Ever considered volunteering but wondered what's in it for you?
There are many benefits to volunteering outdoors.

The Friends of Pocklington Green Spaces was born out of the Green Gym initiative from The Conservation Volunteers. It had the dual benefits of getting people outdoors to undertake moderate physical exercise whilst benefiting the natural environment of Pocklington.

You'll visit and learn about some of Pocklington's green spaces whilst meeting like-minded people and getting a breath of fresh air.

We like to share our knowledge about the wildlife we see with eachother and there's a wealth of knowledge within the group.

  • Every task is outside as nature intended so fill your lungs with revitalising fresh air!

  • You can work as hard as you like or are able. There is always a job for you whatever your ability.

  • You'll see, hear and experience wildlife that you may not normally encounter.

  • We're a friendly bunch of individuals who will welcome you as part of the group.

The Green Spaces in Pocklington

The Friends group might volunteer on any number of publicly accessible green spaces in and around Pocklington, but there are four main sites/clients that we work with. These are shown below and we generally work on each of them once per month.

Pocklington Town Council

See more about West Green and Primrose Wood

Burnby Hall Gardens

Click to see what we have been doing at Burnby Hall Gardens.

Pocklington Canal

Find out more about our volunteer work at Pocklington Canal here.

Madhyamaka Kadampa Centre

Comments about our work...

This is what the site managers of the various sites we work on have to say about the Friends of pocklington green Spaces...

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Whether you're considering being a volunteer, want to find out more or just have a question we'd love to hear from you!