April 29, 2016

West Green, Primrose Wood & others

West Green is a public open space of about ten acres which is on the western border of the town of Pocklington. It is a grassed area bordered on three sides by trees. On the south side there is a line of mature Horse Chestnut and Lime trees. And on the north over 100 sapling trees have been planted. It is currently used by residents walking their dogs, playing informal sports and having picnics and has a convenient small car park at one end with a well used skate and scooter park at the other end.”


The Friends of Pocklington Green Spaces work for Pocklington Town Council on the 2nd Friday of the month (but contact us to double-check first!). The kinds of work we do includes:

  • West Green: Planting daffodil bulbs around the perimeter, installing & maintaining the stone-chip path, grass seeding, planting trees and shrubs, thinning-out wooded areas
  • Primrose Wood: Planting native trees, removal of old tree guards, removal of overhanging vegetation
  • War Memorial: Weeding the flower beds, tidying and pruning shrubbery
  • Plus many other varied tasks we’re asked to do!


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A few pictures: